About us

Truly remarkable

Established in 1951, among the very foremost establishments in Mahableshwar and achieving excellence ever since in hospitality is a brief description of The Bharat Hotel.




Remarkable in it’s way

Hotel Bharat

Strategically located 10 Mins Walking distance from town and 5 Mins by car from Bus Station. Located near the city center on Tapola Road, the journey to Pune Airport is approximately 120 minutes by car. Each of our stylish rooms are a perfect blend of nature and luxury with modern touches and technology

The Bharat Hotel located in bliss surroundings, Lake on one side and Western Ghats on the other providing a perfect set up for a luxurious vacation midst the natural beauty. Service we offer at The Bharat gives a feeling of warmth and content to the guests hence, making them our loyal and help making us better every day.

Bharat has a reputation for decades for serving delicious vegetarian food in town and has a Restaurant Bay Leaf, setup just by the lakeside. Hence in a brief Hotel Bharat has is a promising hotel with loads of expertise and experience brought to your offerings in an affordable blend with luxury.