Pool Side Alfresco area is a perfect host to Weddings and other outdoor events with a view of the farm & pool, capacity of accommodating around 400 guests.

About Hall

Ambient setting is ideal for a Royal Reception, Work Seminar, or seated Black tie dinner. Built-in speakers, and modern conference requirements assure a seamless experience, while a podium, projection screen, and stage are available upon request.

Our expert catering team is well versed in vegetarian culinary traditions—blend authentic Mahabaleshwar fare with popular cuisine from traditional Indian recipes. Inventive buffets draw upon Indian, Oriental, Western, and Mexican influences, while formal dinners may explore the fragrant spices and singular ingredients of the region. Regardless of size or occasion, every event may be customized according to personal preferences, to create a menu that caters perfectly to your tastes.


What Client's Say?